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January Update

Hi everyone! As discussed in our December Board Meeting, here is the January monthly update. Enjoy! :)

Engineering reports: Our Management Team and Flood Insurance Adjuster were able to break loose the engineering report log jam. We received the flood damage report and analysis with recommended remediation actions. Good news, we have been given a green light for structural repairs without tearing down any major sections. An engineer has been contracted to manage this stage of our recovery and remediation operation.

Remediation: We have contracted with Hein Brothers to manage and execute the cleanup effort throughout the complex. Moisture mapping is 2/3 complete and is expected to be finished next week. Our maintenance staff, Tim, has been serving as foreman contributing to the Hein Brothers cleanup effort. He also has been serving as our daytime property guard to assure safety and security at the resort.

Management Company: The transition to a new management company, Vacatia, is still pending. Will update again when a firm timetable is established.

Our next board meeting is at 10am on February 8. We will post the zoom conference link and agenda on this website in advance of the meeting. Mark your calendars!

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